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Triad™ is the Midwest’s premier residential roofing experts. Our team will help you make the best decision regarding the repair or replacement of your home’s roofing system.

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Residential Roofing Services
  • Roof installation
  • Hail damage roof repair
  • Leaky roof repair
  • Wind damage roof repair
  • Shingles repair

Triad is The Top Choice In Midwest Roof Repair and Storm Damage Restoration in Missouri and Kansas

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Residential roof replacement is the process of installing a new roof when your existing roofing system has failed to protect your home. These failures can be costly if not dealt with in a timely manner. At Triad, our project managers follow a thorough professional installation process in order to provide you with long-lasting roof repairs and roof replacements that will protect your home from all the outside elements for years to come!

When Do I Need Residential Roof Repair?

There are many reasons homeowners may need residential roof repair, the most common being improper roof installation, hail damaged roofs, roof leaks, storm and wind damaged rooms, and shingles repair.

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+ Improper Roof Installation Leads To Complications, Get Residential Roof Repair with Triad

Your roof is one of your home’s most important features. If installed improperly, it may not be able to keep out water or moisture, which leads to mold and other complications. One way to tell if your roof was installed incorrectly is to check for water damage in your attic. If you see any, you should call Triad immediately for professional residential roof repair or replacement.

+ Get Storm Damage Restoration For Hail Damage

Are you concerned about hail damage to your roof after a recent storm? The most obvious sign of a hail damaged roof is asphalt granules in your gutter. If you seen an accumulation of granules, your roof might be left exposed and susceptible to leaks, sun damage and other weather-related dangers. Hail damaged roofs should not be ignored, because the damage can only get worse.

+ Midwest Roof Replacement for Wind Damage

A hailstorm isn’t the only type of storm that can deal serious damage to your roof. Wind damaged roofs might be in need of shingles repair, as storms can tear shingles clear off your roof and remove them entirely. Additionally, fallen trees and debris from storms can also cause damage to your roof and even your siding, so it’s best to get your roof inspected by our residential roof repair experts even if you only have the slightest concern after a storm. In the event that your roof needs immediate care, we offer offer emergency after-hours tarping, so that we can limit the damage done to your roof as quickly as possible and then assess the situation after the storm passes.

+ Trustworthy Shingle Repair and Residential Roof Repair

There are several possibilities for why your shingles are cracked or curling at the edges. This could simply be happening as a result of old age, but cracked or curling shingles can also be the result of UV radiation from the sun, storm damage, improper roof installation or poor attic ventilation. And keep in mind — just because you can’t see the damage from street-level doesn’t mean it’s not there! In every instance, you can trust our experts to provide you with top-notch roof repair service and shingles that will last for years to come.

+ 24-Hour Roof Leak Repair Services – Triad is The #1 Choice For Midwest Roof Repair

Triad offers 24-hour roof leak repair services. If you suspect your roof has a leak, check for water spots or mold growing in that area. Don’t wait until it’s too late – call Triad today and we will send a professional project manager to inspect your roof, locate the cause of your leak and determine the proper course for roof repair.

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At Triad, we listen to what our customers want and we are fully committed to making the homes of our customers look amazing. No matter what your roofing needs might be, from residential roof replacement to storm damage restoration, we’re here to help you make an informed decision regarding roof repair! Call Triad today for a FREE, No Obligation, No Pressure Consultation!