Insurance Claims

Think your insurance might cover your roof damage? Triad is here to help.

Triad™ will assist you in your insurance claim process from start to finish. We will assure that your home is repaired beyond your satisfaction. Triad is certified and experienced in the installation of all major manufacturers of roofing and siding systems. When Triad takes charge of your project, you can be confident that no detail will be left unnoticed. Take a look at our services to learn more about what we can do for you!

Common Misconceptions about Insurance & Home Repairs

Myth 1: The insurance company is on my side.

Unfortunately, this is a myth that has been disproven time and time again. The reality of the situation is that your insurance company is a big business. Their top concern is profitability. There are some wonderful insurance companies out there that pay claims equitably, but they make mistakes sometimes. We are here to catch that. There are also some insurance companies that will try to take advantage of you, and we simply will not let that happen. Our priority is helping you ensure your insurance claim is handled fairly.

Myth 2: I’m not missing any shingles, so there is no damage on my roof.

You would be surprised what you cannot see from street level! Your roof can have a great deal of serious hail or wind damage and look perfectly normal from the ground. Contact Triad™ to schedule a FREE roof inspection.

Myth 3: My insurance company will cancel my policy if I file a claim.

Most states have made it illegal for an insurance company to cancel a policy simply because a claim has been filed. Please check with your State for applicability.

Myth 4: My insurance company will raise my rates if I file a claim.

Like policy cancellations, most states have made it illegal for an insurance company to raise policy rates simply because a claim has been filed. If the damaging storm is classified as “catastrophic”, rate increases will often be passed across all of the policyholders in the entire area.

Myth 5: I’ve already filed a claim, and the insurance adjuster said there was no damage. This could involve one or more of these scenarios.

  • He is correct, and there is no damage.
  • He works for a “for profit” insurance company, and has been pressured into minimizing claims
  • He is tired, he has been on 10 roofs already today, and he didn’t want to do the extra work
  • Sometimes adjusters inspect the damage before the hail spots have had time to properly weather.

Remember: The insurance adjuster works for the insurance company. Let Triad™ work for you!

Myth 6: I have a 30-year roof, it is 15 years old. The insurance company depreciated the roof 50%, and I can’t afford a new roof.

Wait! You can afford a new roof. “Depreciation” is a fancy way of saying “We’re going to hold this dollar amount (or percentage) back to make sure you get your roof replaced.” Your insurance company wants to protect their investment in your home, and they want to keep you honest. (In other words, they don’t want you to run off to the Bahamas with the roof money…) The best way for them to monitor this is to hold some of your money until the roof is completely replaced. This does not and should not present a problem for you. At Triad™, we will work with the insurance company on all of these details so that you don’t have to do so.

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